Company Profile

STOA International Architects, Inc. is a full service architectural firm with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of architectural and engineering design. STOA was founded in 1983 in Houston, Texas, USA, and has branch offices in Pensacola, Florida, USA, and Shanghai, China. In July 2010, we opened a new office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

With over 25 years of doing business internationally, we have a proven track record of adapting the unique and beautiful characteristics of local cultures with state of the art architecture, planning, engineering, and interior design.

Our new "STOA Architects Vietnam" office is dedicated to bringing to Vietnam the highest quality architectural and engineering design, prestigious quality and exceptional customer service which we have been providing in other parts of the world, and shows our commitment to the ever growing economy of Vietnam. Our Ho Chi Minh City office is staffed with young, energetic professionals who bring years of experience from other markets around the world. We are excited to fulfill the visions of our customers by coordinating each project into the unique neighborhoods and cities of which they are a part, and with the regional culture in which they will exist. Every STOA project follows stringent US design and building standards.

With our extensive knowledge in architectural and engineering design and with the support of our great team which includes the structural engineers "CBM Engineers, Inc.," MEP engineering "MEP Green Design and our design development team, (with well-trained Vietnamese architects and engineers), we can assure our customers of quality service. Included in all projects is the crucial support of our main office "STOA International Architects, Inc. which is vital for the conceptual design and quality control of the project. This support allows for 24 hour a day work on high demand, time constrained projects.

STOA's international and multidiscipline experience combine to form a truly outstanding team ready to design and build high-rise, mid-rise and hotel projects, each with meticulous attention to our customer needs and desires.

Our mission is to provide quality service, sound advice, and complete construction documentation for timely, cost-effective, buildable designs that exceed expectations.

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